Monday, January 24, 2011


This January 25th marks my eight-year wedding anniversary with my phenomenal husband. He is a trustworthy friend with a contagious love of silliness and fun. He is also brilliant and responsible, keeping us safe and secure. He is everything I could ask for, and much more. I would not trade this man for the world.

Marriage is not simple. It's not easy to always consider someone else in your plans, thoughts, and dreams. Sometimes it's easier to be grumpy than to put on a smile for the sake of a happy household. With a child in the mix, mariage must absorb fatigue, stress, and occasional monotony. We have plenty of family time. Lots of "mommy and daddy" events. But intentional effort is required to find that elusive but oh-so-important "you and me" time. I can't say we're perfect with this, but we try our best. We never forget that we are a team. We are best friends. And we could never ask for a more blessed life together.

Happy anniversary to YOU, Steve! Thanks for always supporting us. And for loving me no matter what.

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