Friday, January 28, 2011

Animal Lovers

As a kid, I loved my stuffed animals. The shelves in my bedroom were loaded with a menagerie of furry little creatures. Somewhere in the late 1980s, I got my very own camera. A skinny pink camera with 110-size film. I loved taking photos. And what better subject matter than my very own animals?

I posed them in my bedroom,

Photobucket  Photobucket

and in the backyard.


I even created photo shoots for my real animals. My living and breathing dwarf rabbits, 


and Nibbles:

Many people declare that Amelia is a little mini-me. She has my cheeks. She has my spunk. And she most definitely shares my love for animals.

She used to hug the cat (whether he liked it or not).


Even with the stuffed ones, she has so much love to give.


She has animal tea parties,


and preschool "circle time".


Animals of every kind - stuffed with fluff, on the television, or alive on a farm - are both a wonder and a delight.

 Photobucket  PhotobucketPhotobucket

This weekend, we may go to the ZOO!
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