Friday, January 7, 2011

It's baaaaack! F2FF: Momma Kiss

It is the first Friday of 2011. The first Friday of the year my daughter turns three. The first Friday of my blog's second year. Hopefully the first of many happy, healty, family Fridays.

Also, the return of Friends 2 Follow Friday on!

Welcome Momma Kiss! Check out her mini invterview below. And her blog. She's freaking hilarious. (Just make sure to bring your sense of humor)

Blog name? MommaKiss

When was your blog born - and why?
I started blogging in 2008? On Blogspot, anyway. Before that I had a multiply blog – where certain posts were private and many public. But yes, I jumped to the blogspot and never looked back. I figured I had stories to tell that my husband was sick of hearing and seriously? I make myself laugh. Often. So I thought I’d share it. I’ve been anon from the start, though – which has been a Godsend to me! Allows me to talk about people any ole way I want.

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The writer behind the words - list 5 adjectives that describe you.
Quirky, Loyal, Scarastic, Loving and Bold

Something that recently made you laugh?
My child, doing “warm ups” for a game he was playing with his little brother. His warm ups were ballerina twirls. I have no idea.

Favorite holiday memory?
If we’re speaking Christmas, it would have to be the year that my husband’s gift was a trip to Disney World. Now I’ve had really fun family holidays and they’ve been super fun since having kids, but that year, we were still just dating, I was 27 and had never seen Disney World. I’m not like some mega fan of the characters or anything, but just the fact that he knew I wanted to see it and knew I believed in that kid/magical world crap really made me realize he “got” me.

Have you ever kept a new year's resolution?
Nope, because I don’t make them.

If you had 2 hours of pure "me" time, what would you do?
These days, just sleep. Seriously. I really miss reading without interruption. And watching t.v. shows at my leisure instead of rushing through them after the kids are in bed. Maybe I’d bake? Man, the list could go on and on and on…
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