Thursday, January 20, 2011

Never friends...

10 reasons I could never be friends with a massage therapist:


1)  I would repeatedly ask for a back massage

2)  I would repeatedly ask for a neck massage

3)  I would repeatedly ask for a leg massage

4)  I would repeatedly ask for a foot massage

5)  I would repeatedly ask for a face and head massage

6)  I may even ask for a butt massage

7)  I might become obsessed with my talented friend and turn into a stalker

8)  Husband would get jealous of all the massages and ask for some too

9)  If massage therapist friend was a male, husband would get even more jealous - but would not ask for a massage

10)  My poor friend would get fed up and break up with me

But oh my gosh…. Just the thought of free (and frequent!) massages makes me happy. I’m a mama who needs to relax. And I love to be pampered.

So, massage therapists, is anyone raising their hand to be MY friend?

Prompt #4:
10 Reasons Why I Could Never Be Friends With…(fill in the blank)
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