Friday, December 3, 2010

Friends 2 Follow Friday: Wonder, Friend

Can you believe it is December 3rd already? Hope everyone has a joyous holiday season, whatever holiday you celebrate.

Today is Friday - you know what that means!

Friends 2 Follow Friday!
I've recently been introduced to an big group of hilarious and talented bloggers through an ongoing inbox-stuffing email conversation. Missy is one of my new friends. I am really enjoying her blog. And you will too!

So read below, then click on over to check it out.

Blog name? Wonder, Friend

When was your blog born - and why?  Wonder, Friend made its official debut in April 2010 (there were a couple of pre-posts in March). In blog-years, Wonder, Friend is old, but I still consider it a new venture. I started the site because I love to write and wanted some impetus to practice. While that's still one of my main focuses, I have found that I now blog as much for the community that comes with it, as for my personal writing practice.

I adore Twitter and am trying to build my Facebook community. I hang out in both places quite a bit, so come on over!
MS_WonderFriend on Twitter
WonderFriend on Facebook

The writer behind the words - list 5 adjectives that describe you:
Yikes. This is not easy. How about... Faithful. Committed. Neurotic. Wordy. Contemplative.

Something that recently made you laugh?  Our boys crack us up constantly (that is, when they're not making us want to sit in a corner, rocking slowly, mumbling to ourselves). Recently my oldest (age 4) was practicing his baseball skills, and I heard him chanting, "Shit, batter, batter! Shit, batter, batter!" I asked him to clarify, in case I heard him wrong, and indeed that's what he was saying. "It's swing, honey. Swing, batter, batter!" He was kind of nonplussed and went right back to what he was doing, just with slightly less salty language.

Your best (or worst!) holiday memory?  Thankfully, the majority of my holiday memories are good. One of my favorites was the year my cousins and I ranged in age from about 4 to 8, and our grandmother gave us all sleeping bags for Christmas. We got to open them on Christmas Eve and then sleep in them, by the Christmas tree, that night.

If you had 2 hours of pure "me" time, what would you do?  Two hours! The thought makes me dizzy with possibility. I'm spoiled and I do get a fair amount of time for myself, but the nature of parenthood means that even when I'm "alone," I'm always thinking about my family and what needs to be done. Or what I could be doing better. Or what I really should stop doing altogether. So... for this question, I'm going to pretend I can turn off those thoughts. First I would go for a wog (walk/jog). Then I would take an uninterrupted shower. And then I would sit down with a really good, really fresh cup of coffee and read or write, or a little of both, probably. And those two hours would go crazy quickly.
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