Monday, December 13, 2010

Is there a klutz gene?

Are all young children utterly clumsy? Or was Amelia simply unlucky enough to receive the klutz gene from her mama?

I know I'm not graceful. Never have been. In fact, I had to quit dance class at the tender age of three because the teacher wanted me to do extra practices. Yeah, I must have been that bad. Somehow I muddled through many years of gymnastics, but still can't do a back handspring without landing square on my head. (Not that I would try it now - I know I'm only in my early 30s, but that is most definitely a decade or so beyond back handspring retirement age.)

Amelia does have some athletic talent.
She has a powerful and surprisingly accurate kick. She has a pretty good arm as well. Soccer goalie, perhaps? Maybe. At least that doesn't involve as much running as the other positions. For some reason, Amelia is really clumsy. I suspect she gets her brain so involved in whatever she is playing that she simply fails to pay attention. Bot honestly, I lose count of her daily boo-boos. Stubbed toes, falls, bumped heads, items dropped on a foot. It's a good thing kids are tough or this one would be defective by now.

I take solace in the fact that she does seem pretty hearty. And she has an athletic streak that her mommy certainly lacks. So maybe, just maybe, she'll have a chance at a sport.

A college scholarship would be nice.
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