Friday, February 4, 2011

F2F: Carrie With Children

Happy Friday!

Today, meet Carrie. A former PR professional, now a full-time stay-a-home mommy to a toddler and a sweet infant.

Blog? Carrie with Children

When was your blog born - and why?
I still consider myself a newbie to the blogosphere. I started my site at the end of September 2010 to share the story of my daughter Molly, who was born with Down syndrome. After about a week of blogging, I realized I was hooked and my site has now evolved into so much more than just a special needs blog - I'm enjoying sharing/learning parenting tips, meeting other parents and sharing my opinions on products and hosting giveaways too!

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The writer behind the words - list 5 adjectives that describe you.
Friendly, Stubborn (or so my husband says), Positive, Procrastinator and Gullible

Something that recently made you laugh?
Santa brought my oldest daughter, Maggie a play kitchen and a chef costume for Christmas. I laugh at (and with) her daily while we "eat" the food she's cooked. I love that she gets really excited about wearing the chef outfit, complete with the chef hat too! I always get the giggles playing kitchen with her because I'm constantly trying to cleanup all the "food" that she's thrown on the ground and just as fast as I can pick it up, she's making a mess again. Ah, the life of a two-year old!

A favorite photo? I love this picture of my girls.
I'm biased, but they are just so happy and cute together! Maggie is so interested in her little sister and very anxious to play with her. Maggie is a little chatterbox and is always "talking" to her sister. I hope they grow to be the best of friends.

If you had 2 hours of pure "me" time, what would you do?
As the mom of two-year old Maggie and seven month old Molly, I'd be selfish and probably sleep all two hours. There are so many other productive things I should probably do with that time...but a mom never gets enough sleep and I could definitely use some time to catch up!
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