Friday, February 18, 2011

F2F Friday: Liddy B & Me

When I got the letter that I'd be living with the RA my first year of college, I was bummed. Who wants the rules-enforcer a few feet away during that first college year?

But ya know what? It turned out wonderfully. Cheryl was a blast to live with and continues to be a good friend. She also has more artistic talent than anyone I've ever known! Move over, Martha Stewart! Cheryl is HOT.

Cheryl also has a daughter only 2 months younger than mine. And our other two roommates from that year? Also have kids the SAME age! We are all experiencing this roller coaster called Mommyhood together. Pretty cool.

I am thrilled that Cheryl was willing to be featured this week. Check out her precious little girl and her inspiring projects on 
Liddy B. and Me

Blog Name?
Started out as just Liddy B. back when the blog was just a way to share pictures of the new baby with relatives. It has morphed into a mix of family life and things I am making or doing for or with my family, and some things I am just making or doing or thinking about, so I now title it "Liddy B. and Me"

When was your blog born and why?
My sister suggested it as a way to show off my baby (the first and still only grandchild on both sides of our family) to relative who couldn't see her frequently. I have really enjoyed having a reason to write and share ideas, that it is now equally about her and about me (hence the adjusted title).

List 5 adjectives that describe you.
Over committed (my own fault!)
Sleep deprived
Patient (I deal with high school students at work and a toddler and husband at home!)

Your blog features some fabulous artistic creations. Describe one of your favorite projects.
I LOVE the whole process of planning my daughter's birthday party because it uses so many of my talents. I get to brainstorm about it in the winter months when everything puts me in a bad mood (slightly seasonally affected!). It is a great excuse to make stuff. I don't force myself to have creative "me time" and am often too task oriented, so things that "need" to get done get my attention, leaving my artistic interests in the dust. BUT if I am making things for someone else, especially if it is something that we "need", and even better if it is something that saves us money (thrifty, remember?) then I allow myself all the time to create that I need.

We did an Alice in Wonderland themed "Tea for 2" birthday party last summer and I made a lot of the decorations, the food, and even found time to sculpt a ceramic tea pot and two tea cups. I got to shop thrift stores for decorative items (hats, teacups, etc.). I was in HEAVEN! I have now begun planning a "Lydia is turning 3 under the sea" party for next summer. I have the basic ideas (octopuses, goldfish crackers, mermaids... note NOT the Little Mermaid!) and can't wait to get started making stuff!

If you had 2 hours of pure "me" time, what would you do?
Whatever craft project is my newest obsession/ whatever is at the top of my creative to-do list (probably while running a load of laundry... Ugh!) This weekend, that includes making beauty pageant outfits for my husband to wear in our church's drag queen fundraiser (yes, you heard that right!) I need to get better about doing things for me. What mom doesn't? But I really LOVE making things for all the crazy events my family is involved in. I enjoy both the process of making the items and the memories of the crazy events. (Just search my blog for our Halloween costumes, birthday parties, witches brew parties, renovations, re-decorations, etc., etc., etc.,)

Some photos from Liddy B. and Me... really, you must check this one out! Liddy is going to have the coolest room and the most fabulous birthday parties for her entire childhood! Lucky girl.

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