Saturday, February 12, 2011

Princess to be

Mama is not a girly girl,
I never wore bows or lace. 
I dress in jeans,
I lounge in sweats,
Just a touch of makeup on my face.

A boy was my plan,
Someone to grow strong as a man.
On the field,
Or in the stands,
I could be his loudest fan.

Then we looked upon the screen,
And a girl you were to be!
Sugar and spice,
Sure, those things are nice.
But - what would a girl mean to me?

Sometimes when we have a plan,
Life takes a turn of course.
A princess you would be,
So sweet and cuddly,
In a moment I had no remorse!

I think I went out that day,
To buy hairbows, dresses and rings.
Pink, pink, pink, pink,
with sparkles and shine.
Now life is BRIGHT with girly things!

You were meant to join our family,
You were meant to have your style.
You can still play ball,
You can tackle, you may fall.
But a beauty and a lady all the while.

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