Friday, June 17, 2011

Bump Rockin'

I am not currently pregnant. These are pics from 2007/2008. Don't go starting any rumors!

I have had so much fun reading all the Rockin' the Bump posts this week. It's only fair that I show you mine.

My first bump photo - totally rockin' the cuteness:

A bump update - and my favorite maternity shirt. Looks like I was still rockin'!

Is that a beached whale? Oh no, it's just me. January 2008, about 26 weeks pregnant.

Even my adorable nephew rocked a bump in my honor! Impromptu soccer field pic:

As April approached, I wasn't rockin' as much as I was... well... waddling. Here I am, checking into the hospital the night before my induction. My bump became a mountain!
About 29 hours later, I met my nine-pound baby girl.

Thanks to Twitter friend @ShellThings for such a great link-up!

Take a trip over to her blog, "Things I Can't Say". If you've never been, I guarantee you'll have a new favorite!
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