Sunday, June 26, 2011

What storm?

I attended a lovely event tonight at the Atlanta AVEDA store in Lenox Mall (co-hosted by the lovely ladies behind The Blogrollers).

Once again, I was able to connect a few real-life faces with blogs and Twitter handles. I also...

--Learned a lot about AVEDA products
   (did you know they are extremely eco-friendly?)

--Received a fabulous hand treatment massage
   (try it! hand massages are offered free just for browsing the store.)

--Got my face "done"
   (AVEDA employees are happy to do yours too - just ask!)

--Tasted their popular hot tea
   (caffeine-free, sugar-free, and delicious!)

On the way home, I battled a severe thunderstorm. I leaned forward over the steering wheel and squinted my eyes, trying to see something in between the fast swish-swish of wiper blades. I blindly followed the brake lights in front of me, occasionally dodging giant pools of standing water. Sometimes hitting them as well, sending tsunami-like sprays over my vehicle and at least six feet in from the curb.

I eased my SUV over into a middle lane to avoid some of the flooding. I stopped at a red light and took a moment to look around. Did a double-take: there, in front of my car, was an open-top red Jeep. Two young guys inside. Shirtless and laughing as the rain pounded their shoulders and drenched everything around them. Seemingly unmoved by the claps of thunder and flashes of lightning. They didn't drive like they were in a hurry. They didn't seem the least bit frazzled. I couldn't help but wonder if they got caught in the sudden weather - or went out on purpose?

Tonight, the girls at the AVEDA party were not the only ones having fun. Those guys made me laugh.

If only I could be that free-spirited. Look for me on the sidewalk the next time it rains... maybe I'll throw caution to the wind and prance around, drenched. Laughing.

(But I will not be shirtless.)

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