Sunday, October 30, 2011

Immortalizing my favorite notes from Bloggy Bootcamp

Bear with me here… one more Bloggy Bootcamp Atlanta post. I have several notebook pages’ worth of notes, worthy of another pass forward:

“You are a brand. If you put any thought into getting dressed today, if you didn’t just grab blindly into your closet and grab whatever you could reach, you branded yourself.”

To help define your brand, answer these questions:

 • What are my distinguishing characteristics/traits?

 • What are my guiding principles/values?

 • What is my role on the web?

 • What is my promise?

 • What is my story?

(from @AmyBHole)
- - -

How to avoid blog burnout?

 • Make tough decisions (hours, schedule, PR, features, etc.)

 • Find your tribe (anyone who is not happy for your individual success is not your tribe)

 • Use your time wisely (we only have one life – work smarter, not harder)

 • Make time for rest/play (your blog becomes more alive when you live)

• Don’t be afraid of change (“Into the highlands of the mind let me go”)

(from @StaceyNerdin)

- - -

WHO you are is not simply a list of your roles.

Establish credibility and define HOW you are – the tangible qualities that provide insight into your skills and abilities , and assurance that you will deliver on that promise.)

(from @ShanellSaidIt)
- - -

Because of social media, the world operates in conversations. It’s all about the relationship.

Ask yourself, “where do I want to be in 2013?”; If an opportunity or idea does not move you toward this goal, you may want to think twice about using your valuable time for it.

(from @SwayGroup)

- - -

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