Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sand castle masterpieces... and memories too!

On our way to our beach vacation last week, Amelia was jittery with anticipation.

"Mommy! Look behind us and see if Grandma and Granddad are back there."

I explained (as best as I could to a three-year-old), that Grandma and Granddad were coming from a different direction and we'd meet them at the beach house.

6 minutes later...

"Mommy! Look behind us... NOW are Grandma & Granddad back there?"

- - -

Family beach trip 2011 may have been the best one yet. Amelia was at the perfect age to stay out on the sand digging, running, and building castles. She enjoyed the ocean with little trepidation, giggling as waves splashed against her legs. She happily munched crackers and grapes as her feet swung back in forth from the rainbow beach chair. She chattered and smiled. And she bossed around the six adoring adults who were there, seemingly, just to watch HER play.

And this year? We came together as a family team, once again, to build the best sand castles on the beach. One castle per day, growing larger each day:

Day 1:  The Lagoon Castle

Day 2: The Royal Kingdom

Day 3: Majestic Mountain Castle

Day 4: Mega Castle!

It was fun to build these together as a family. Amelia learned our technique early on, and she even helped for a minute or two. She happily played in and around each castle, and we allowed ourselves a touch of pride when other beach-goers stopped for photos. We brought extra smiles to the beach that week, and solidified some magical memories for ourselves too.
Sand art by Amelia
(c) Sep. 2011
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