Sunday, October 23, 2011

A “just for fun” blogger attends a blog conference

I bravely purchased my ticket to Bloggy Bootcamp Atlanta many months ago. As the date crept closer and closer, my anxiety grew larger and larger. I worried about how to look, how to act, and whether or not I would be welcome in such a large, talented, and diverse group of blogging women.

Once the date was literally a night away, yet another worry set in.

What if none of this applies to me?

I have no illusions of grandeur when it comes to this blog. I know my life. I know the slightly compulsive, stress-prone gray matter between my ears. I know that any entrepreneurial adventure requires hard work, many hours, and a dedication I simply cannot handle at this period of my life.

So, what exactly does a “just for fun” blogger get out of Bloggy Bootcamp?

I got validation. Other human beings know who I am read what I write.

I got understanding. My blog is “just a hobby”. But it is a hobby worthy of my time and a piece of my heart.

I got encouragement. Real-life people care about my success, even if my definition of success has nothing to do with the weight of my wallet.

I got an identity. I narrowed in on it, anyway. Throughout many sessions, I found myself repeating to myself phrases like “I am a real person”, “so mothers can find someone who understands”, and “ what you read is what you get”. My blog is about me, from personal expression through creative writing to funny tales of raising a princess-obsessed little lady. I am not famous, nor overly talented, nor beautiful as a Hollywood starlet. But I share what is real, and I provide an extra voice of support to moms everywhere. I understand that we are all different. I know that no two kids are exactly alike. With other moms, I share the most important bond; we are raising the next generation. To the best of our ability.

I got a hug from MamaKat!
One of many incredible people who made this "just for fun" blogger feel right at home.

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Photos of @mamakatslosinit, @InTheKitchenKP, one half of @ThirdBoob,
@StaceyNerdin, and my lovely city of Atlanta.
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