Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Empty toilet paper rolls? Art time!


This is an easy preschooler-friendly craft! I got the idea from Amelia's preschool, where they made little Native American people in a similar way (just draw in bead necklaces and glue a feather on the back of the head). Tonight, we made our own little family.

  • Empty toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls cut in half
  • Construction paper
  • Glue Stick
  • Scissors
  • Markers
How to make the tube people:
  • Cut construction paper into strips about 2"-3" wide. For each person, you will need one paper strip for skin color, one for hair, one for shirt, and one for pants.
    • For hair: Cut the strip short so it does not go all the way around the tube, then fringe the ends
    • For shirt: Cut a notch in the middle to look like a neckline
  • Use glue stick to glue on the skin color first. Glue the paper strip around the tube.
  • Next, glue on the shirt with the notch underneath where you'd like the face to go.
  • Then glue on the pants, underneath the shirt
  • Glue on the hair last, leaving the open space for the face
  • Use markers to add eyes, nose, mouth, buttons, etc.
  • Optional: Get creative with jewels, real buttons, or fabric strips for more decoration!

That's it! An easy, fun and cute activity.

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