Thursday, November 3, 2011

Things for which I have no patience...

Being Amelia's Mommy is amazing. I love that kid with all my heart. She makes me laugh and amazes me with how quick she learns new tricks. I would never give up this job for anything in the entire world... I love being Mommy... blah, blah, blah... yes, we know.


There are a few things that drive me completely insane. Instances where I would prefer to run out of the house screaming even though I'd be completely embarrassed if the neighbors saw what I was wearing.

I have absolutely no patience for...

Car-load dawdling. If I let her, this child would take 15 minutes to get herself seated in the car. Even - no, especially - if it is blazing hot outside, pouring down rain, or if another driver is waiting with their turn signal on, hoping to take our parking space. She climbs across the car to investigate a crumb on the floor, looks for a book underneath the driver's seat, takes her shoes off, wants a drink of water when her cup is in the front seat cupholder, "accidentally" slips and falls on the floor when trying to get in her car seat.... I am over it.

Bedtime stalling. Can anyone tell me why children do not crave bedtime like their mommies do? Do you know what I would give for someone to force me to lay down for a nap? Or to rub my back for a couple minutes, instructing me to sleep?!? We have a difficult time deciphering if she is truly scared or just playing her masterful game of stalling, but our bedtime routine is short on cute, sweet, and cuddly these days.  I am beyond over it.

Bingo boredom. We own two preschool-friendly games that are actually enjoyable. But Little Einstein's bingo? Drives me bonkers. I feel like a drill sergeant barking orders instead of a friendly playmate. For some reason, she begs to play this game, but cannot hold her attention on it for more than 6 seconds at a time. Playing this game sounds like this:
"Okay, Amelia, spin. Amelia? Your turn to spin."  
"Blue Leo. Amelia? Blue Leo. Do you have any Blue Leos? Put the pieces on the Blue Leo. Amelia... put the pieces on. On Blue Leo. Yes, there."
(Mommy spins a Green Annie.)
"Amelia, I got Green Annie. Amelia? Amelia! Green Annie. Do you have any Green Annies? Amelia? Amelia? Green Annie. Put the pieces on Green Annie. No, that's Purple June. It's Green Annie...."
Seriously! Yet, she loves this game. She won't let me put it away before we've filled our bingo cards. I now know where the old bingo ladies at the civic center get their gray hair... they must have practiced the game with my child. I am really, really, over it.

Don't make let feel all alone here.

Tell me, when are you completely drained of patience?
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