Saturday, January 19, 2013

A hunting we will go...

House hunting, that is!
We have been following the area housing market for several months and it seems to be coming back. In our Atlanta area, there are a few outstanding public schools that drive home buying competition and pricing. We have narrowed our search to a couple school areas and, after living in our home for 10 years, we know exactly what features we need and want.

House hunting is simultaneously exciting and frustrating. We investigated one short sale which fell through, viewed a foreclosure that had multiple offers above our budget, and explored new construction subdivisions that are popping up again. It takes a lot of time and even more patience to find what is right.

I need a dedicated space for toys and art projects (must get these out of my living room and kitchen!), an office space near the play space, a bigger kitchen, and storage. My husband wants a subdivision that will hold its value, a nice yard, and a great TV space. 

Even Amelia knows what she wants in a home - a Cinderella bedroom, a play area for all of her toys, and enough space so Mommy and Daddy will finally agree to get a cat.

We're ready!
Oh, a hunting we will go... a hunting we will go... wish us luck!
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