Sunday, September 1, 2013

Most wonderful time of the year

Labor Day! The start of a fabulous season. School is in full swing, we will begin to see fall weather in just a few weeks, and the college football t-shirts are being donned with pride. 

I think it is a law that Southerners must live and breathe college football. I could care less about NFL,  but I will cheer SEC all the way! Well... unless anyone is playing Georgia. Yes, I live in Georgia. That means I endure entirely too much Bulldog gear and red with black. My car proudly wears the orange Power T - and my husband insisted on his Florida Gator as well. I tolerate the Gator because it serves to further annoy the Dawg fans; win-win. 

I am aware that my team has been pure awful for a while, but I stand strong. We will see what a few more years bring. Number ONE recruiting class across all sources! I'll take it!

Anyway, happy Fall. Happy September. Happy fooooootball! Go Vols! 

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