Thursday, September 19, 2013

When Mama is home alone...

When Amelia is at school and I am not at work...

  • I will clean the house  (but really... that's not much fun)
  • I will unpack those last few boxes from the move (well... maybe)
  • I will plan ahead for dinners and have easy-to-make options for the week (um, who am I kidding?)
  • I will compose extra blog posts and be pre-scheduled for a couple weeks (this has never happened)

To be honest, there are few minutes in any given day where I am not working on the computer or doing something for my family: grocery shopping, cooking, playing, laundry...

When I do have those minutes? The rest of the to-do list gets set aside. Every now and then I need time to do absolutely nothing. When Amelia is at school this week and I have a break from work duties, maybe I will turn on the TV. Enjoy a bath. Sit on the deck with a bowl of ice cream.

Oh, maybe I'll go play her video games.

The to-do list will get tackled eventually. But honestly, does it really matter? Mama needs some down time too!

Good moms have dirty houses, messy floors, laundry piles, and happy kids.

- - - 
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