Friday, September 20, 2013

Type A Parent Conference is coming to the ATL - soon!

It has been almost two years since I attended my very first (and so far, only) blogging conference. What to Expect from Bloggy Bootcamp

As a "hobby blogger", I am not strongly focused on monetization or constant reviews and giveaways. I blog to chat, to share thoughts, and occasionally to reduce some of the stress of balancing parenting with work and the rest of life (and soon a newborn! Yikes.) Because of this, I do not attend conferences that involve extensive travel - it's just an expense that I cannot justify at this time. So I was very excited nearly one year ago that we would be getting The Type A Parent Conference Atlanta!

I purchased my ticket with early bird pricing, possibly a year in advance.
A few months ago, I decided to splurge on a hotel room for Saturday night, so I could enjoy the social time and evening activities without worrying about a long drive to the suburbs, tired, and in the dark. Steve and Amelia will join me that afternoon so they can swim in the Westin Buckhead Atlanta indoor pool all day (and so I don't get too sad about missing them for the entire weekend).

I was really quite nervous before Bloggy Bootcamp Atlanta 2011. This time, I know what to expect and I know many more attendees. Being a part of the Georgia Social Media Moms  group has opened my world to new friends, and I am most looking forward to the social time with those amazing women.

I will skip any sessions about making money with my blog; I am still not at that place. I am happy with an opportunity every now and then and with the fantastic local Atlanta attractions and events I am generally lucky enough to attend for free. I will gravitate towards sessions about writing, design, and creativity. And otherwise, I will chit-chat and enjoy the time to focus on fun - and enjoy my break from being "mom" for just a couple of days.  Disclaimer: I may also stalk the Disney Parks representatives. They are one of many esteemed sponsors, and I am a ridiculously huge Disney fan! Disney folks... you have been warned. I want to give you lots of hugs.

Will I see you at Type A in Atlanta next week? 
If so, I hope we get a chance to say hello!

A few of the fantastic sponsors I look forward to seeing!

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