Wednesday, September 11, 2013

#WW: School Lunch

The only way I know Amelia will actually eat lunch while at school is if I pack it myself. I know her favorites! Balancing Mamas need to try to stay organized to survive 5-day-a-week lunch packing. Despite the price (and being less eco-friendly), I have to rely on the convenient individual packets of snacks and fruits. And for other items, I try to wash, chop, and store in little containers so I can simply grab and pack each morning.

Oh, and thank goodness for a thermos! Now I can add macaroni-n-cheese and baked beans to the school lunch selections. Those are her favorite foods, but eating them cold was no fun! I found a stainless steel small thermos that is a lifesaver. 

What are your school lunch solutions? 
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