Saturday, June 28, 2014

Favorite "big kid" Disney Apps for travel and summer lounging

Say what you will about kids and excess technology, but we love our iPad. It is a miracle worker on family vacations where we must wait in airports or those where we log many highway miles in the car. We let Amelia play or watch movies on her iPad for long travel distances and in the afternoons at home if she has already had some exercise, kept a good attitude, and used her brain on something creative. She likes to go inside her huge DIY playroom tent and spend quality quiet time with herself. She has numerous app games, puzzles, books, and movies.

When Amelia was younger, she preferred watching movies and TV shows. But now that she is six (going on twelve), she spends most of her technology time with pretend and puzzle apps. Did you know that Disney has many apps to offer? Go to the App Store, search Disney, and you will find numerous fun selections - some are free while others range up to $4.99.

In the past year, Amelia's app favorites have changed a bit. Here are some of her current favorite Disney selections:

Frozen Free Fall
Features the latest very popular Disney princesses and a funny snowman named Olaf. This is a grouping shape-matching game. Easy on the first levels, but then it gets more difficult. Amelia definitely cannot master it yet. But she plays it often, and really enjoys the characters - and the challenge. 
 Jake's Never Land Pirate School
We have had this app for a while now. It holds her attention due to the various mini games within. She can steer a boat, search for treasure, and more with the Jake and The Neverland Pirates crew.
 Disney Princess Palace Pets
Sadly, we have nearly reached the end of her princess obsession. But Amelia still loves animals and dress-up pretend games are some of her very favorites. This one pairs adorable fancy pets with the royal pampering and dressing treatment.
 Squish: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
New! We received a free download code to review this app. In Squish, children can select a clay Mickey or Minnie or a clay shape and manipulate it with various tools to create a one-of-a-kind silly masterpiece. And when they are done making virtual sculptures, kids can squish their creations with funny squishing tools! 
(Photos captured from the App Store)

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