Tuesday, June 10, 2014

For the "just in case" - trying to make an official will

Making a will. It is a depressing thought, isn't it? This is what my husband and I need to face sometime soon. We do not have anything official/legal made up. We have life insurance with beneficiaries listed, but no actual will. More importantly than assets, we need to officially plan what were to happen to our children if (God forbid) we were both gone.

How on earth do you do this?

We have amazing family members on both sides, all of whom would take in our kids and love them forever. But how do you choose something like that? It is simply too painful to imagine. My husband and I are struggling with the idea, but we know it is important. If our children (again, I say God forbid!) are faced with the devastation of losing us, we would never want them to endure uncertainly or unnecessary court battles. We also want to ensure that our assets go to them, but that they are managed in an appropriate manner.

I have no wisdom to share in this post - do you have any for me? How do you imagine the unimaginable? How to you make a smart plan when the idea is just awful?

Or... how do I make myself invincible?

I would choose protecting my children for eternity if I could.

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  1. Everyone who has children should have a will. Look at it like Life Insurance. We did one online and then took it to have it notarized. Mine got notarized no problem, but then Michael couldn't find a place that would notarize his. I think we finally found a friend who was a notary public and did it for him. We designated the kids' Godfather as the person who would be in charge of the kids money, detailed that some of it be saved for tuition, etc. until they turned 18, or maybe we said 21. I can't remember. Then of course, who would take care of the children. We asked that it be a joint thing if the people were willing and able. I was told that even if the will wasn't notarized, it still was evidence of Michael's intentions and could still be honored but I'm not counting on that. Want to think of something even more morbid? The part where you say what happens to all of your money and funds if your whole family dies. Or the part where you say the money will be split between the siblings. If one does not survive, it goes to the other. I made part of my will that should any of our family not be around, my money would go to UTC. God forbid we get in a car crash we die and one or both of our kids survive. But, sad fact. It happens. :(


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