Thursday, June 12, 2014

Three must-haves for getting this mama back in shape

So, the sweet baby boy was born at the end of January before a snow storm.
The amazing kindergartener finished her year with an astounding knowledge and thirst for reading.

Four months have gone by so quickly! Summer is officially in full swing, and I am still struggling to find clothes that I like on my body and swimsuits that do not make me want to hide in the bathroom instead of lounging by the pool.

I am slowly but surely improving my body - and my perception of myself. Mostly though basic science: consuming fewer calories in order to burn fat.  I'm no expert, but from past experience, these are my current three "must haves" for trimming some numbers off the scale:

(1) My Fitness Pal -- the best app for logging caloric intake and understanding how certain foods and drinks can affect a weigh loss plan. I log in everything I eat or drink. If I have a sip of regular Coke? I log it in. If I eat four chocolate chips? I log it in. It keeps me accountable and aware of what I am putting in my mouth, so I avoid mindless boredom eating. I was doing a lot of that since we came home with baby! My free pass to eat whatever I want has probably expired. My Fitness Pal calculates the daily calories I am allowed to have in order to meet my weekly weight loss goal, taking into account my own size, activity level, and starting weight.

(2) Fit Bit -- I use it for tracking steps. When I have an extra-active day (like a long walk around the park, am hour at the mall, a theme park visit), I can log that into My Fitness Pal and eat more calories! Nothing motivates me to take a walk more than that Fun Size candy bar on the counter.

(3) Digital scale with half pounds -- I don't like scales that round to the nearest pound. Mine shows half pounds as well. Motivation happens when I see results, and weight to the half-pound allows me to see progress twice as often as just to the pound.I can celebrate when I have lost half a pound - it is an accomplishment!

I am not pushing myself too hard, I know it takes time. Especially "at my age" and with a second child. But when I find myself not liking my own shape or the fit of my clothes, I want to do something about it. If it takes 4 months, so be it. I just want to know that I am at least trying. No more stuffing my face with chocolate. Unless it's a special occasion. Or vacation. Or.... :) 

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  1. I love My fitness pal, definately helps you keep a reality check on your choices.

  2. I've heard a lot of good things about fit bit. I think I'll have to check into getting one. They seem really helpful!

  3. I need to get on track too. The special vacation is a real incentive.

  4. I need to become serious with my fitness plan as well. I've been meaning to lose some weight but so far have been slipping back to bad habits every week. Hopefully, after reading your post, it will give me some more hints and tips to get a move on.

  5. Get it girl! I started doing this as well! I have been at it for a month and I wish someone noticed lol. Baby steps :)

  6. I use my fitness pal and I love it!! The hardest part is sometimes keeping track of dinners I make from scratch or little bites I take of things throughout the day. I know those add up, but I don't know how to keep track of them. Still an awesome invention though!


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