Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Favorite Halloween Pins for the Kids

No, I will not look at the Christmas décor in the stores or the oodles of Christmas ideas that are popping up all over Pinterest already. It is September. We still have a whole week left of September, as a matter of fact! Halloween is my family's second-favorite holiday and we are getting into the spooky and fun of monsters, ghosts, pumpkins, and vampires.

Here are some of my favorite Pinterest pins for Halloween that would be great fun for my elementary school aged daughter. (Click on any image to see the original pin and follow through to their site.)

First up, my own pin from last year - a fun no-carve solution for young children to decorate all by themselves. The Mummy Pumpkin.


I also love these Vampire Pops. Amelia could help me wrap each pop in colored cellophane and tie the cape/collar on the sticks. She would enjoy gluing on the face pieces too. 


Want a keepsake for years to come? How about the Eyeball Photo Frame? Let your school-aged child glue on countless wiggly eyes to an inexpensive photo frame. Then snap a great costume photo on Halloween night and save the memento as décor for the following year.


And finally, perhaps my favorite idea of them all - check out these treat bags! If I can lend a hand at a school party with some treats, I want to make these Severed Hand Goody Bags.


Again, click on each image to go to the original pin - only the mummy pumpkin is mine. Credit where credit is due, and all. These are really great ideas! 


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