Thursday, September 25, 2014

Moms' tips for saving a little sanity

If you are a parent, I bet you would agree that life is often quite hectic. As I always say, I will never be a balanced mom... I am always balancing. There is always one more surprise, one more crisis, or one more "oops" in a day, it seems.

I have a favorite tip for saving some sanity on a crazy day with kids, school, work, shopping, etc. Since it seems dinner time is the most stress-inducing, I get a jump on it. Prepare dinner at the most quiet part of your day.

This could mean fixing up a slow cooker meal in the morning or grabbing a few minutes before the after-school chaos ensues. I try to cook dinner when the baby is taking his afternoon nap. Sometimes I cook dinner at 3:00 pm! Microwaves were invented for a reason. I feel a huge weight lifted from my shoulders when dinner is ready and I know that I am simply a few microwave minutes away from a family meal. When the evening crazies begin, I don't have to tend to fifty things at once!

Other Georgia mom bloggers had these tips to share as well:

Handle school needs the night before. Anyone with school-aged children know that the morning can be an aggravating rush. Packing backpacks, searching for that missing library book, and packing lunches can be completed the night before to save everyone some sanity come the early morning hours. (tip from Amy,

Get up before the kid(s). If possible, get up before the kid/kids/baby to allow yourself an actual shower and some peace and quiet. If you can grab some coffee before they stir, even better. (tip from Danielle,

Stop the clothing battles. Help children lay out the clothes they will wear for the week on Sunday night. This way there is no fussing in the morning when everyone is trying to get ready and out the door. They can trade out one day's outfit for another, but nothing more complicated than that. Expectations are set and this should alleviate surprises or whining. (from Desiree,  

Child checklist(s). Checklists are a great way for kids to remember tasks each day. A morning and night checklist can help develop routine and save Mom from having to repeat herself day after day for the same chores or tasks. Just point to the list! (from Amy,

Speed up laundry day. Thrifty Little Mom shares five tips to save time when the clothes are piled up and laundry is calling: 5 Ways to Speed Up Laundry Day

Manage time wisely. Check out Mommy Week's Time Management Tips for Moms

I personally think it takes a lot of planning to get through the hectic days unscathed. Sometimes I feel defeated and bruised, but every now and then I can kick back at night (ok, perhaps quite late) and grin a little bit because I tacked a tough to-do list and survived.

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