Friday, September 26, 2014

No-Sew Girls' Wonder Woman Costume for School or Halloween

Amelia needed a book character costume for a school parade this week. Having already purchased her a Halloween costume from the store, I did not want to have to buy another. Because she is "too old" for princesses these days, my grown-up first grader insisted on a Wonder Woman costume.

She placed the book "I Am Wonder Woman" in her pink backpack and filled out her story map to share with the class. After a trip to the fabric and craft store, I got to work making a no-sew costume for the occasion. Luckily, I had some of the materials in my sewing box at home (Velcro and no-sew hem tape) so this custom costume was under $20.

CAPE:  Red smooth/satin fabric (1 yard should do it); Heat-N-Bond hem tape, Adhesive Velcro dots.

Cut the cape to size. Don't cut a perfect rectangle, it should taper smaller towards the neck to flow properly down the back. Like a pyramid with the top chopped straight across. Use an iron and Heat-N-Bond to hem the edges so the cape won't fray. When hemmed, use strong adhesive Velcro dots to attach the cape around the neck.

SHIRT: Red t-shirt, gold ribbon.

Using an iron and Heat-N-Bond, adhere the gold ribbon on the front of the shirt in a W. Use some of the remaining gold ribbon to tie up the sleeves for a more girly look.

ACCESSORIES: Gold ribbon, tape or Velcro (optional)

Cut gold ribbon to size for the head. Tape or use adhesive Velcro (or just tie it in back) to keep it in circle shape. For wrist bands, I simply tied gold ribbon on her wrists.

SKIRT: Wear the cape, shirt, and accessories with an existing blue skirt, blue shorts, jeans, etc.

Now she is ready to discuss her Wonder Woman book and show off her fun Wonder Woman costume! Maybe she can fight a bit of crime today too. All she is missing  is her Wonder Woman magic lasso.  SUPER cute!
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