Tuesday, January 26, 2010

An Amelia funny re: Jesus (one of those great child moments)

I already posted for today, but can't help but share this story from Amelia's preschool teacher.

Apparently, Amelia is in some kind of disagreement with Jesus. She goes to a church preschool, and today they took the toddlers to the sanctuary to look at the pretty stained glass Jesus. They talked about Jesus and sang the obligatory church school song, "Jesus Loves Me", usually a class favorite. And Amelia, usually the one to shout "more!" at the end of any & every song, kept saying "no! no! no!"

Teacher: "Amelia, don't you want to learn about Jesus?"
Amelia: "NOOOO!"

Teacher: "But you like to sing about Jesus"
Amelia: "NOOOOOO!"

Teacher: "Don't you like Jesus?"
Amelia: "NOOOOOOOO! Yuck."

So how do I explain what that was all about??? And am I allowed to think this is funny? :)
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