Sunday, January 31, 2010

A plague over our hosehold (mommy vs. vomit)

That's what it feels like, anyway. Steve and I have been catching and cleaning up vomit for the past 3 hours. Poor Amelia is very sick. I am broken hearted. And I'm starting to reconsider my opinion that the science museum was such a good idea yesterday. She may have taken home more than knowledge!

We put our girl to bed, and we're hoping & praying that she can sleep the night without throwing up again. She passed out almost immediately, so wish us luck.

Wow, things like this really make me question my ability to be a good mom. I completely panicked when she was throwing up. It was so violent, and she threw up 5 times before her little body could calm down. I started to cry and couldn't find a bowl in my own home. My brain just went blank! Steve was awesome, though. This wonderful man, usually a complete germaphobe, was catching it in his hands. He scrubbed her clothes and all the dishes and bleached the sink area afterwards. I cleaned Amelia up and got her in clean clothes (which got nasty again 90 minutes later).

I really need to work on my panic issues. Not sure how things would have been different if Steve hadn't been home. Maybe I'd find the strength to do what I needed to do all by myself. Single moms out there.... you must be super heroes. I am in awe. Hopefully I get a pass on this one since I'm a first-time mom. Maybe next time I'll be stronger.

Tomorrow is another day. I will strive to be the rock that my baby girl needs. But I'll also be the squishy teddy bear when she just needs cuddling. It's all about Amelia tomorrow.

Nothing like a ton of vomit to put things into perspective.


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