Friday, January 22, 2010

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So yesterday was one of the most difficult days I've ever had with Amelia. The "terrible twos" have most definitely arrived in our household. No one told Amelia that she's not two yet. Wooooah, that girl was a monster!

Today has been an excellent day. She has been nice and somewhat behaved, and we got a chance to spend the morning playing at a new indoor playground/giant sand box. Fridays are the best!

I've been thinking where I want to go with this blog. I'd love to create something witty and insightful that will make mommies of toddlers nod their heads and smile each day. But who am I kidding? I'm not going to market this thing. I'm not going to have followers. But I do like to write. And I know my life could certainly use a regular schedule of "me" time to reflect on how I'm doing and what is truly important.

I will always strive to be three mommies in one. But what I need to learn is when to put more effort into one vs. the other. And that it is OK to let one go now & then. So for the next few reflections, I'm going to share my success at being each of the three mommies that day. Even if the success is small. A little hip, hip, horray for myself can only make me stronger.

Friday, 1/22/10

I was a Perfect Mom.
Took Amelia to the play place to meet some friends. Stepped back when she needed to try something on her own, and played by her side when she needed reassurance. She tried things she never would have tried 2 weeks ago! I'm proud of the growth and confidence she showed today.

I was a Happy Mom.
Playtime was so much fun! Devoted my attention to my daughter and enjoyed every minute of it. Climbed through an inflatable tunnel, dug in the sand, cheered Amelia on as she braved some new adventures on the playground. I wasn't tired, wasn't sore, wasn't bored. I was happy.

I was a Working Mom.
Granted, this is easy on Fridays. I only check in briefly but spend most of the day away from actual work. But I got a couple quick things done to help me move towards an upcoming deadline. A small little load off my back, anyway. Lighter feels better.

Happy weekend to all!
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