Monday, January 25, 2010

I hate exercise.

Exercise and I are not friends. We've never been friends. When I was 11, I thought I was fast, so I "joined" the track team. For 30 minutes. Found out that even sprinters have to do multi-mile training day after day after day. I don't run. I've joined a couple gyms in the past, went to Jazzercise a couple years go, tried the new Curves phenomenon. And each time, all I got was one hefty line item on my credit card bill and absolute proof that exercise and I do not get along.

I'm babbling about all this because I'm flirting with the idea of making up with my elliptical machine. This machine was purchased after the Curves attempt, as I swore to my husband it was more economical than a monthly membership somewhere. But it's not exactly economical when it sits in a room and collects dust.

Do I dare revisit this dreaded machine again? I'm tired of being tired. I think forcing some exercise into my day (not counting that of the toddler variety) may help my energy level. And maybe my mood too. Should I do it? CAN I do it?

Will 4x/week morning exercise help me be a better mommy? Maybe... I'll keep you posted.

In the meantime...

Monday, 1/25/10

I was a perfect mom.
I followed the rules and had patience when my girl screamed at me. And patience when she hit me. I tried my best to stay consistent and ignore her protests for a "better" snack. Because I did not give in or react to her outburst, she gave up and ate the cheddar goldfish crackers. Ha. I won. This time.

I was a happy mom.
Lunch with my girl and her sweet daddy. Lunch can't get much better than that. Unless it's in a glorious tropical location. Same dining companions, though, please.

I was a working mom.
Amelia took a nap (woo hoo!). I completed a brief media plan for a new client. Sent a synopsis of my recommendation to my boss, and will await her comments. Deadline is next week and I was feeling frazzled. Now I think we're in good shape.

Happy Monday! Hope the sun is shining on you today like it is here. I've missed the sun.
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