Sunday, May 16, 2010

2 years and 38 days

... since Amelia was born. And tonight, for the first time ever, we had an actual babysitter take care of her!

Amelia has stayed with my sister and brother-in-law several times. She's stayed with grandparents a few times as well. And she stayed with close friends twice. But we've never done the official babysitter thing. I feel a little lost and sad when I'm away from Amelia under general circumstances, but it was nerve-wracking to leave our home and our child to someone who is pretty much a complete stranger. Amelia and I met her for about 20 minutes a few weeks ago and she cares for neighbor children quite often. We knew she'd be great, but it was still a big, big step for us to take.

Steve and I went to a nearby Japanese steakhouse for dinner. It's a place we enjoy, but cannot go with Amelia. She is too afraid of the "HOT!" cooking surface. And the fire volcano would certainly terrify her. So we enjoyed our grown-up night out. And from what we hear, Amelia had an absolute blast with her new friend.

We have a babysitter! No more scrambling to figure out what to do if a last-minute work function comes up. WE HAVE A SITTER. Yay for us!
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