Thursday, May 6, 2010

The "Amelia-ism" of the day

Amelia is in a phase where humor is everything. She is funny. She thinks the cat is funny. Daddy is super-duper funny. Today, Amelia was listing everyone and everything she thinks is funny:

"Daddy funny."
"Claude (our cat) funny."
"Bear-bear (stuffed animal) funny."
"Pickles - funny!"
"Cat show funny."
"Jeff (a neighbor) funny. Funny doggies."

So I asked her - is Mommy funny?

And my bright-eyed little girl looked at me, thought about it for just a second, and replied...

"No. Mommy working. Again."

I'm so sad!!! I want to be funny too! I think this calls for a fun Friday morning activity tomorrow. No work for me!
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