Friday, May 28, 2010

Tinkles and tickles



is what we call Amelia's "sticker chart". The chart lives in the bathroom next to Amelia's room. The chart is a fun space where Amelia can decorate with reward stickers when she (1) goes potty and (2) brushes her teeth. As you can see, she's doing really well with both!

We started with jellybeans as her potty reward. Convenient, given it was right around Easter and we had a cabinet full of them. When the jellybeans ran out, we gave her Skittles. Then we started having a timing issue when she'd decide to potty just after brushing her teeth. We didn't want to give her Skittles before bed if she had just cleaned those cute little pearly whites. So the sticker chart was born. It took a few days for Amelia to stop asking for Skittles, but now she is totally on board with the sticker reward system. "I tinkles, Mommy! I tinkles! Sticker?"

It works so well for her potty attempts, we decided to implement it for the other challenging task - brushing her teeth. She still fights tooth brushing now and again, but her willingness has definitely improved. The "tickle toothbrush" (as seen in this post) didn't hurt, either. Just look at all those stickers!

(Disclaimer: This is a post-bath Amelia. Her hair really can be lovely.)

It's almost time to make a new chart.

I think filling up her first sticker chart deserves a big reward.

Time to go shopping!
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