Saturday, May 15, 2010

Travel magazine dreams & memories

We have two amazing nieces and an adorable nephew in Florida. Since all three are now in school and playing soccer, we often get fundraising emails from them. I definitely remember those days. We used to sell Sally Foster wrapping paper and overpriced boxes of candy. For high school band we sold Indian River fruit. So whenever a child comes to us with a fundraiser, I make a point to buy at least one item.

This year, we supported Kaitlyn & Connor by buying magazines for their school fundraiser. Steve picked Travel + Leisure and I picked a parenting magazine (I can't remember which one). The first issue of T+L came in yesterday. I was excited to look at it. Gorgeous photos and fun vacation ideas. But with every page I flipped, it became more and more apparent that these are not vacations I'll be going on any time soon. As long as Amelia travels with us (and she always will), we will probably be limited to parks, beaches, and Disney World. African safari cruises? Um, nope. A train tour through Alaska? Yeah... not so much. But it's nice to look and dream.

Steve reminded me that we've been very lucky to visit some of the picturesque places pre-Amelia.

The breathtaking Canadian Rockies:


Quaint towns in Maine:

Yosemite in California:

And my personal favorite, the inspiring beaches of Hawaii:

Amelia made it to Europe at 11 months old. Maybe she'll be a world traveler again with us one day.

Just not during the terrible twos.

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