Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Morbid questions?

Okay parents, I have to ask about this one. Do all preschoolers have a fascination with dangerous "what ifs"? Amelia is driving me batty...

Crossing train tracks: "What would happen if that train hits our car?"

Driving on the interstate: "What would happen if you bumped into that big truck?"

At night: "What would happen if I fell down the stairs in the dark?"

Seeing a fire truck. "What would happen if we were covered in fire?"

Seriously! She asks questions like this many times a day. And they are all about massive danger! I answer her honestly, but vaguely - we would get hurt, the car would break very badly, you may break your arm. I have to assume this is some kind of normal learning process, and I'm certainly thankful that she asks me instead of trying anything out for real. But it still freaks me out. Such scary thoughts from such a little cutie!

Anyone else living this?
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