Sunday, April 22, 2012

Two movies

We have shows and movies on quite a bit in this house. Amelia doesn't nap, so we often have an afternoon resting time with some cozy blankets, the couch, and our trusty DVR or Blu-Ray. I rarely get to see anything for me. I was, however, excited about our trip to the theater for The Lorax a couple weekends ago. And last night, after Amelia was asleep in bed, Steve and I watched We Bought A Zoo.

The Lorax was a good one. I loved the imaginative town and funny people. My favorite? The sweet and cuddly little forest bear. The story was enjoyable and the end, believe it or not, was actually exciting! I adore the grandma character voiced by the beloved Betty White. This may be a kid movie, but I count it as a rare treat for me - I liked it just as much as she did!

We Bought A Zoo exceeded expectations. I thought it looked cute, but it had perfect moments of humor and some quirky characters. It touched mt heart and tickled a funny bone at the same time. Matt Damon was a perfect lead for this one, and I couldn't get enough of the sweet 7-year-old actress. What a sweetie!

Have you seen any movies that I should put on my wish list? Grown up movie night is so rare, I don't want to waste it on a dud. What should I look for next?

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