Monday, April 2, 2012

Separation sadness

Moms need "me" time, right? So why am I so sad about getting back to a regular schedule this week? We had a 9-day vacation, sleeping in the same room, together pretty much 24/7. Shortly after vacation, my sweet girl had her second eye surgery. So I've spent three days in the house with her, and she has been happily sleeping on an air mattress in our room.

This week is our school system Spring Break. But as a working mom, I have Amelia in year-round school. She is able to go to her school for "camp" on her regular schedule. Her eyes are looking good and she is feeling fine. So yeah, she could probably have gone to school today.

But I kept her out.
She is at work with me!

I think mama has some separation anxiety.

Tomorrow the real schedule must begin. I know we'll fall into our routine quickly... but I don't want to. I want to hold her hand a little longer.

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