Thursday, May 24, 2012

A new chapter

She put on her favorite dress this morning. She selected not one, but two necklaces. Her pink sparkly shoes waited by the door, ready to take the outfit up yet another notch. Oh - and we couldn't forget the purple sparkle bow for her little curly ponytail - on the side.

My girl is growing up.

She unbuckled the lap buckle on her car seat for the first time this morning. She released my hand before we arrived at her classroom. She giggled when a good friend (a boy friend) immediately grinned and exclaimed his greetings to her.

But I don't want her to grow up.

Today is the final day of her school year in the "3s" classroom. She will return next week for summer camp, but without her two closest friends and with different teachers. She will need to find some new best buddies. She will learn new things. Mid-August begins her final year at the school were she has blossomed and been  loved since she was only three months old.

I will miss this school family.

A new chapter will be starting before I know it.

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