Friday, May 11, 2012

Preschool Phone Apps

(This is a guest post - she is sharing some top apps for those eager-to-learn preschoolers. I also recommend Doodle Buddy, Cake Doodle, Monkey Preschool Lunchbox, and Toca Kitchen! Check them out!)

Four Cute and Educational Mobile Apps for Pre-Schoolers!

The age when our kids start using technology is getting younger and younger. While it can be a little unsettling for some parents to watch their five year-old learn functions on their iPhones they didn’t even know existed, there is actually a lot of good that can come from kid-friendly technology. Next time you have a long car ride or trek through the grocery store, try out some of these fun apps designed especially for pre-schoolers. 

1. Dora’s Skywriting ABC’s Most of us know Dora the Explorer, and now your child can take her along for the ride. Dora’s Skywriting ABC’s promotes literacy skills. It is designed to teach kids to recognize letters and sounds and learn to write the alphabet. The first step to learning how to read is to discern the sounds in words. This game will help your children associate specific sounds with letters and begin to make connections about how things are spelled. It includes tutorials with Dora, tracing uppercase and lowercase letters, pictures for reinforcement, and player profiles so your child can save their progress. 

2. Fish School Fish School is a fun learning game that promotes learning letters, shapes, numbers and colors. The games are beautiful and colorful in high definition (available on the iPad with Fish School HD). The games are very simple and geared toward pre-school age. 

3. My First Puzzles This game is just super cool. It is reminiscent of the oversized block style puzzles made for the pre-school age group, and your child will be able to slide the puzzle pieces together easily. There is a signal every time a puzzle piece is placed correctly into the puzzle and finishing an entire puzzle correctly gets an audible round of applause, which kids love. 

4. iWrite Words This is another number and letter writing app that can be used as a nice rotation in your game arsenal for those long car rides. It covers remembering and writing numbers up to 20, the letters of the alphabet, and beginning level words. Make sure you only use this game after your child can confidently identify numbers up to 10, because they will have to follow numbered dots in order to trace words correctly.

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