Tuesday, May 15, 2012

#SeniorHottie: What do ya think?

Last year, one of my favorite bloggers - the lovely Liz from A Belle, a Bean & a Chicago Dog introduced the world to the blogging phenomenon known as "I was a senior hottie". We linked up photos of ourselves in high school for fun and laughs.

I joined in the fun last year - see my posted pics HERE.

#SeniorHottie 2012 is back and even better - with categories, judges, and prizes!

Although I would like to pretend my gray hairs, eye crinkles, and those "few" extra pounds never appeared in my life, I still think I have to go with the hasn't changed since high school category. Especially given many of the comments from last year.

I'm told that I "haven't aged a day". My name, Julie, actually means youthful one. Now, perhaps people are just being kind... but you be the judge. What do ya think?

At least, please tell me that my hair isn't quite as wide. I hope I have learned to tame it a bit since then!


Dreaming of the future?

Class of 1996!

Formal night on our cruise, March 2012

Now I have a mini-me!

Come on, dig up your photos, post some then & now, and link up!
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