Saturday, September 22, 2012

Disney Update: Did you see the "Sophia The First" commercial?

A new commercial for "Sophia The First" aired on The Disney Channel the other night while we were watching the evening family special "Jake Saves Bucky". It took approximately 0.2 seconds for my princess-loving child to light up, jump up, and exclaim "it's a little girl princess!!!!" She watched in awe, gasping each time a recognized character showed up. The fairies from Sleeping Beauty! Cinderella! Talking animals! 

She was excited, to say the least.

The only downside? We must wait until November for this special one-hour show to air (try explaining that to a kid who wants to see it now). I have already input the date in my iPhone calendar for a reminder. If we miss it, we will have one unhappy kiddo!

The primetime television movie special stars Ariel Winter ("Modern Family") as the voice of Sofia, Sara Ramirez ("Grey's Anatomy") as her mother, Queen Miranda; Wayne Brady ("Let's Make A Deal") as Clover, a wise-talking Rabbit; and Tim Gunn ("Project Runway") as Baileywick, the family's Royal Steward.  A "Sofia the First" television series will debut in early 2013. 

Disney will introduce its first little girl princess with the debut
of "Sofia the First: Once Upon A Princess," an enchanting,
music-filled animated Disney Junior television movie for
the whole family, Sunday 11/18 on Disney Channel and
Thursday 11/22 on Disney Junior, the 24-hr channel.
(images courtesy of DISNEY JUNIOR)

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