Friday, September 7, 2012

Fun Friday - spoiling my girl

Amelia got her new glasses yesterday evening! She was quite upset and angry with me initially, but has since adjusted somewhat. This morning was another little battle, but once again it passed rather quickly.

When my little girl goes through something new, difficult, or sad, I want to make her feel better. I am definitely guilty of showering her with gifts or fun activities to brighten a challenging day.

Since she began the new school year, we lost a "home with Mommy" day. So Fridays are special to us. The only day remaining where she and I are on our own with nowhere to be.

Today, I declared a "Fun Friday!" We have had a fantastic morning.

First, some posing with the new glasses. Fabulous and stylish!

 Then, I took her to get her nails done. Bright purple with pink polka dots. Sassy!

Finally, I let her choose our lunch restaurant. She selected the Chinese place in the same strip mall as the nail salon. This girl could eat her weight in fried rice and "red chicken!" Delish!

She received the most perfect fortune in her cookie. She has always been our little sunshine! Bright and cheery. 

We are home now. She wanted to make a book, so I folded several construction paper pages and stapled the edge as binding. She is busy working away on her new story. Imaginative!

Tonight? Evening swimming with Daddy! Fun, fun Friday.
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