Monday, September 3, 2012

Riding in style: from car seat to highback booster

This weekend, we finally agreed that the time had come. Our little girl, growing like a weed, was ready to say goodbye to the convertible car seat. Hello to a brand new phase of growing up.

She is four years and five months old and exceptionally tall. Never less than the 95th percentile, and now only a mere few inches from the limit on the car seat. It has become difficult to buckle and too tight by her legs. So today, she took her first ride in her booster seat in the family vehicle.

We could see the pride in her eyes. She loves her new seat - not boring gray like the other one. This one sports pink flowers and its very own fold-out cup holders. She sits in the middle now, closer to Mommy's reach and with a clear view of the world straight ahead.

The gray car seat sits in our front hallway, the soft cover awaiting its turn in the washing machine. I glance at it and years of memories flash before my eyes. I remember worrying about the transition to forward-facing. I found it difficult to let go of the rear-facing infant seat at the time. We moved to the convertible seat, and the straps were on the lowest setting. She looked so tiny in the cushion of safety. Then, her knees were not up near her belly, those legs were not quite so long.

Time flies when you are having fun - and it moves even faster when you are raising a little person.

Ride in style, my lovely. I will keep doing my job to keep you safe and secure.

- - -
We chose the Graco Highback TurboBooster Elite for its high back, side cushions by the head, ability to convert into a seat-only booster, and the good reviews we had read. Amelia selected the pattern: Posie.

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