Tuesday, September 25, 2012

If it isn't right, it is not the end

I have been known to scoff at all those quotes and images friends post all over Facebook these days. And now I must finally admit that one made me sit up and take notice.

"Everything will be alright in the end. If it isn't right, it is not the end." 

Through all of Amelia's eye issues and unsuccessful surgeries, I have often floundered, gasping for breath, in the quicksand of guilt and worry.

What if her eye crosses forever? 
What if kids make fun of her at school?
What if glasses do not work? 
What if a third surgery does not work? 

Worries are valid, especially for a parent. But we have to push beyond the worries; none of these actually help the situation. We must continue to strive for an answer and a final fix.

"She is one of those rare cases" is not enough.

So far, the glasses are helping a little bit. She is wearing them well and looks as cute as ever. However, she is still not 100%. Even with the glasses on, we still observe strange eye movements once in a while. This could indicate that we will find ourselves on the surgery path once again... time will tell. Her next check up with the pediatric opthamologist is early November.

My daughter is only four years old. We have a year until kindergarten and a couple years (I hope) until kids get really mean. We have years to get this right.

I must believe that we will get it right.

If we are not happy with the outcome, it is absolutely not the end. A good parent is the most outspoken advocate a child will ever have, and we will never stop asking the hard questions and pushing for a fix.

If it is not right, it is not the end.  
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