Monday, September 24, 2012

Mommy & Me: Beach Babes

Our annual family beach vacation is something I look forward to every year. It is something my family did when I was growing up. We frequented condo #202C on Myrtle Beach year after year, then spent some time at Caswell Dunes on Oak Island when I was a teen. These days, we have a Hilton Head Island tradition. Extended family, fantastic food, extra attention for Amelia, and lots of beach fun.

Did I tell you that we are master sand castle builders?
We enjoy working together to create something unplanned; it grows and takes shape on the fly. Children point and exclaim, and many fellow September Hilton Head visitors have a photo or two of one of our castles on their memory card. When she is not splashing face first into waves, Amelia acts as the construction supervisor, designer/decorator, and royal princess of each humongous sand castle (she is a busy girl!).

This kingdom included a "hot tub" and a lake!

I managed to get my body (if not my face...) in front of the camera a few times last week: Welcome to another Mommy and Me Monday! Linking up with Serious Krystyn once again.

Happy Monday!

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