Saturday, October 13, 2012

A culture of bullies

Many of you probably heard of 15-year old Amanda Todd this week. She committed suicide after suffering bullying, reaching out for help via a video, only to be bullied more. She also suffered from drug and alcohol abuse from a lifetime of feeling down and alone. It is truly a tragedy. And unfortunately, one that is all too common today.

Kids and teens have access to technology these days. Hurtful words no longer travel only by mouth; they can sting from across space, broadcast to millions in a matter of moments. Stupid decisions can be posted on the Internet, never to go away. Secrets can be blown wide open in more dramatic ways than ever before. It is a tough lesson to learn, especially for teens.

I cannot stand the direction "entertainment" is taking on television these days. Reality shows are cheap to produce and grab the ratings, so we are inundated with every show imaginable. What I see in commercial after commercial? Reality shows that transform making fun of someone into everyday entertainment. Does anyone love Honey Boo Boo for her beauty and brains? Or for a good laugh at the train wreck? I saw one for "Breaking Amish" the other day - celebrating a unique way of life? Or just setting them up to get drunk so society could, yet again, laugh at them? 

The more ridiculous a show, the higher the ratings. Humans love to laugh at people who are different. It bugs the heck out of me. And while the stars of these shows make money and enjoy the spotlight, are people as a whole becoming more and more mean? 

Maybe, just maybe, we are getting too thirsty for a laugh at others' expense.

Can't we all just get along? And go back to well-written scripted hilarious shows? 

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