Monday, October 8, 2012

How to compliment someone

My child has glasses. And she looks awesome in them. Compliments are always welcome, but experts say there is a correct way to serve up praise. Apparently, the way compliments are given can directly affect the child's own feelings about wearing their glasses and consequently, affect their self-esteem. When I read the advice, it made sense. And I find it applicable to anyone in any situation, not just adorable bespectacled kiddos.

Experts say that we should not compliment just the glasses (or the shirt, or the hair), but the person him/herself. For instance, instead of "Those glasses are so pretty", we should say "YOU look so pretty with your new glasses". For a child with glasses, a properly-phrased compliment is more effective because it is not just about the object being worn, but about them. They are not defined by the object, but can embrace who they are as an entire, whole human being.

This makes so much sense! People like attention. They enjoy compliments. They like to talk about themselves. I am going to take this advice and try to apply it more often in real life.

You look lovely in that shirt. 

You really look nice with your new haircut.

You are awesome for finishing that race.

 Give it a try - compliment someone you love today!

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