Saturday, December 22, 2012

Bright & cheerful

(Original post from Dec 2011) 

Chaotic holiday glory

Our upstairs guest room is transformed the few weeks prior to Christmas.

First, it is cluttered with shopping bags and purchases.

Next, it becomes bright and cheerful, with festively-wrapped gifts all over the bed. The joyful paper and bows detract from the giant a pile of bags, paper scraps, and packaging cluttered on the floor.

Finally, a day or so before Christmas, the room clears out. Gifts are placed downstairs under the glittering tree or packaged carefully in boxes ready for travel. The trash is gathered and hauled to the garage. The room is silent once again. Weeks later, I may find a shimmering surprise under the bed, when a toe brushes a bow left behind.

Right now, this room is in all its chaotic holiday glory.

I like it this way.

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