Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sunday Story: 10 Apps

Week number nine of eleven - almost complete! Sunday Story - based on an incredible prompt list from Daring to Live Fully, where I will eventually have a list of 100 things I love.

I am changing this one. Instead of 10 websites, as shown in the prompt, I will share my top 10 apps. Six for preschool/kindergarten age, and four that I enjoy myself. 

10 Apps (iPhone and/or iPad)

  • Miss Spider's Tea Party. The last time I checked, this app is still *free*! Storybook and games, all with the adorable Miss Spider illustrations we love. 
  • Cake Doodle / Cookie Doodle. For my "wannabe" baker, this is a lot of fun. Amelia creates, decorates, and eats extra-special virtual cakes and cookies. 
  • Watch Disney Junior. As long as you are on an Internet connection, kiddos can watch all their favorite Disney Junior shows! This is great because it doesn't take up memory space like downloading full videos. As long as we are at a home or hotel with wireless, Amelia can watch. (They also have Watch Disney Channel for the older kids!) 
  • Toca Doctor. All of the Toca Boca apps are outstanding for kids - check out Toca House, Toca Band, Toca Tailor Fairy Tales, Toca Kitchen, and Toca Hair Salon too!
  • Dress-Up Pets. Kids can create adorable and stylish dogs and cats with this fun dress-up app.
  • Fruit Ninja. This is a game for all ages. Amelia chooses the no-bombs game option and slashes away! She even discovered split-screen so we can compete on one iPad. 
My favorites:
  • Nook. I have officially given up my Nook to do everything on the iPad. I can read all of my books with the app!
  • Badly Drawn Faces. This game is a great time-waster! I find it very difficult to turn away from this one. You guess the "badly drawn faces". It features fictional, political, and historical characters
  • Heat Pad. My daughter also loves this one. It is a soothing heat-sensored pad with various colors and soothing music. Great for stress relief!
  • Magic Puzzles. My mom introduced me to this one. Tons of jigsaw puzzles (many are free) you can work on in 42, 72, 143, or 288 pieces. 

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Daring to Live Fully is a lovely site that aims to “simplify your life by identifying authentic desires, and be more productive by doing less while achieving more, and by embracing creativity.” She has a great section of journal prompts and covers happiness, productivity, self growth, and more! I am breaking up her 100 Things I Love journal prompt for a total of 11 Sundays.
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